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Is ozone produced in the operation of my Big Ass fan with ion technology?

 Big Ass Fans’ Clean Air Systems ionization technology is listed and labeled by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to UL 2998 standard, certifying the products as ozone free. ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2019 Section 5.7.1 mandates that all air-cleaning ionization systems be listed and labeled to UL 2998, which provides certification that the air cleaning product has zero ozone emissions.

A note for older ionization technologies not produced by Big Ass Fans:

Ionization of air can produce ozone.  If the ionization energy of greater than 12.07 eV is utilized during the ionization process, oxygen (O2) can be ionized and ozone (O3) can be created. This is common in older ionization technologies that use corona discharge tubes (also known as “crooks tubes”, “plasma tubes”, “electric discharge tubes”, or “dielectric barrier discharge tubes”) and have the potential to create ozone.

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