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Where do I use “UV-C” technology versus “ionization” technology?

Both technologies have their relevant advantages, depending on application, which is why Big Ass Fans has implemented both into specific products.

For Smaller Spaces (Ex. Residential, Commercial, and Office Settings):

Speaking to Haiku with UV-C technology,  UV-C has over one hundred years of proven performance (source) and is recommended for pathogen inactivation by ASHRAE (source), the Centers for Disease Control (source), the World Health Organization (source), and the Illuminating Engineering Society (source). Haiku with UV-C technology works best in applications where there is a ceiling covering the space, particularly in residential and commercial office settings.

For Larger Spaces (Ex. Commercial, Industrial and Warehouse Settings):

Combining ion and UV-C technologies with the airflow management and power of a Big Ass fan will dramatically affect the efficiency of the solution.

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