Improved Comfort and Bottom Line

Certain challenges can come with designing a fluid facility that maximizes both mechanical and human effectiveness. Whether you assemble, fabricate, repair, process, maintain, wash or bottle your product, Big Ass Fans alone or in tandem with an HVAC system control energy costs and reduce condensation while enhancing comfort and productivity.

Big Ass Fans, which span up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, move air throughout the entire space, from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, including up and over obstructions such as machinery and stacked product. This airflow pattern ensures air reaches all corners of the building, maintaining consistent conditions throughout and eliminating condensation and stagnant areas where product integrity is a concern.

Along with our signature overhead, mobile and vertical fans designed for spaces of any size, we also custom-created the world’s only wash-down high volume, low speed fan at the specific request of partners in the food industry.

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Taking Comfort to the Bank

Comfortable workers are safer and more productive. Airflow from Big Ass Fans makes people comfortable by helping them feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler during warmer months. This cooling airflow can improve throughput by as much as 10% by preventing fatigue and reducing the need for breaks. With comfortable workplace conditions, managers can keep employees satisfied and turnover low. Overhead Big Ass Fans also eliminate the need for box and pedestal fans that interfere with productivity and create tripping hazards with their cords.

Productivity Saves

Every degree the temperature rises above 77 °F, worker productivity drops by about 1%. Big Ass Fans’ 10 degree cooling effect offsets the heat and rescues this lost productivity. How much is the heat costing you?

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In winter, a Big Ass fan can easily recirculate warm air throughout a large space, providing the comfort workers need and creating uniform temperatures that allow for a reduction in heater run time. This natural air movement costs just pennies a day in electricity use, saving your business up to 30% on heating costs.

Traditional lighting is another power-guzzler for manufacturing facilities, but Big Ass LEDs vastly outperform and outlast these fixtures and can save your business up to 80% on these costs. They’re brighter, more durable, and take only minutes to install, and with our 10-year full warranty coverage, you can eliminate light maintenance entirely for a decade—far beyond the lifespans of multiple outdated fixtures.

Keep Sweat in Check

The negative effects of condensation cost industrial facilities billions each year due to slips, trips and falls, corrosion and fork truck accidents. Sweating slab syndrome is most common in the spring and fall when temperature swings wreak havoc on unconditioned workplaces.

Developed and tested for the most corrosion-critical environments, Dewtect by Big Ass Fans® is the only automated system that controls condensation before it strikes by considering the entire envelope of your building and tracking indoor and outdoor conditions. Learn more about Dewtect.

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Upgrade and Save

Upgrading to Big Ass LEDs can cut lighting costs by up to 80% and eliminate 100% of your light maintenance for the next 10 years.

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Expertise You Can Trust

Facility-wide upgrades can seem overwhelming. Fear not! Big Ass Fans’ world-class customer service keeps your business bustling throughout the project. Our experts can complete a free lighting survey, and use SpecLab™, our proprietary patent-pending software, to prepare a custom 3D airflow analysis to build a clear, precise solution. Once your project begins, our factory-certified installers and in-field services can work with your schedule to ensure your project is completed quickly and correctly.

Because No Two Facilities Are Exactly The Same

Big Ass Fans and LEDs are engineered to take on harsh conditions and save energy for years. Call 877-244-3267 or request a call from one of our trained experts and we’ll start building a custom quote to transform your facility's safety, comfort, and productivity.


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