Pain-Free Lighting Rebates

Federal and state agencies offer numerous rebates for energy-efficient products. Our rebate administration team here at Big Ass Light will evaluate all rebate options for you from national offerings down to your local utility, and we’ll do it free of charge.

We'll Do the Grunt Work, You Cash the Check

Our Big Ass Light experts take care of the application and tracking of any and all possible rebates associated with your purchase and installation of Big Ass Light LEDs (residential applications excluded, unfortunately). That means:

  1. We ensure the correct data is gathered to produce an accurate rebate quotation.
  2. We handle all the paperwork and deadlines, including pre-approvals, pre/post inspections, submissions and final applications.
  3. We keep you informed of any changes in the program to ensure your project meets expected timelines to capitalize on the rebate.
  4. We make sure you receive the full and maximum rebate amount from the utility, as we never take a cut for “administrative fees.”

In other words, we’ll handle all the annoying paperwork— you cash the check!

What’s eligible for utility rebates?

Rebates are offered on retrofits as well as new construction. All light fixtures that are DLC certified are eligible, as well as some motors/drives, HVAC and refrigeration (in limited areas). Check with the Big Ass rebate administration team for qualifying products in your area and to determine if your project is eligible

Call us at 877-244-3267, or use our contact form, to talk to a Big Ass Light Expert about getting your maximum rebates.