Crowd-pleasing Comfort With Budget-Friendly Savings

Make the upgrade that benefits your entire team with our lineup of premium Powerfoil® fans. Their superior airflow keeps occupants feeling up to 10 °F cooler in hot conditions, improving employee retention, boosting productivity, and reducing the risk of heat-related incidents.

With efficient operation that costs just pennies per day to operate, Big Ass fans are the best way to create comfortable conditions and generate year-round energy savings of up to 30%. 

†Seppänen, O., Fisk, W. J. and Lei, Q. H. 2006.

  • Airflow keeping your employees comfortable


As the industry leader in airflow for more than 20 years, Big Ass Fans knows what it takes to boost your entire business, from employee comfort to the bottom line.


  • Safer environments by clearing harmful vapors and fumes 
  • Increased worker productivity and retention
  • Greater employee comfort with less heat stress


  • Better recirculation of rising warm air back to the ground level
  • Smart fan technology that saves money by maximizing performance
  • Energy-efficient design that only costs pennies per day to operate


  • Greater airflow coverage and efficiency than traditional HVAC
  • Reduced heater runtime in winter with better air circulation
  • Improved indoor air quality and more uniform temperatures
  • CapEx quote

The World’s Best-Selling Big Fans

Our flagship Powerfoil fans are purpose-built to deliver comfort and cost savings all year long—making them the ideal choice for any facility that struggles with stifling summer heat and frigid winter conditions. 

Make the most of your year-end budget and rescue your people from extreme temperatures with up to 25% off the world’s greatest HVLS fans.

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Powerfoil X3.0

Your facility’s ultimate option for maximum airflow and long-lasting comfort.

  • Diameter options from 12 to 24 feet
  • Hermetically sealed NitroSeal gearbox
  • Integrated LED, occupancy sensor, and automated controls available
  • Up to 15-year mechanical and 15-year electrical warranty

Powerfoil D

The quiet power of direct-drive technology, perfected by Big Ass Fans.

  • Diameter options from 8 to 24 feet
  • Direct-drive motor rated IP66 for maximum protection against dust and water
  • Integrated LED, occupancy sensor, and automated controls available
  • Up to 10-year mechanical and 10-year electrical warranty

Powerfoil 8

Engineered to transform hot, stagnant spaces under harsh conditions.

  • Diameter options from 8 to 24 feet
  • Powerful industrial-grade motor with fully variable speed control
  • 7-year mechanical and 3-year electrical warranty

Powerfoil Breeze

Whisper-quiet airflow with a sleek, modern aesthetic. 

  • Diameter options from 16 to 24 feet
  • Direct-drive motor rated IP66 for max protection against dust and water
  • Occupancy sensor, BAFCon controller, and custom colors available
  • Up to 10-year mechanical and 10-year electrical warranty

Need Financing?

Don’t put your plans for a safer, more productive workplace on hold. With Big Ass Fans’ available financing, you can still take advantage of this incredible discount on the fans you need and secure funds for additional facility projects. Fill out our contact form to see what financing options are available to you.

Discount may vary based on location. Valid on new orders. Discount valid October 13- November 13, 2021