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What is SenseME Technology?

Patented SenseME™ technology is available for all indoor Haiku fans, adjusting the products’ operation based on changes in the environment and your personal preferences. The end result: a more comfortable, convenient, and efficient home.


Works Even Better Together

SenseME allows Haiku fans to integrate with partner products, offering voice control and integration with smart thermostats.

Learn more about our partners.

A Home That Works For You

Haiku fans allow you to personalize and automate your fan settings so that you can stay comfortable and save energy effortlessly. Simply set your preferences and our products will take it from there.

Haiku Home App

Use the Haiku Home app to conveniently set and adjust your comfort preferences, group multiple fans, and update product firmware.

Motion Sensing

Built-in motion sensors save energy by turning your fans on automatically when you enter the room and off when you leave—no switches necessary.

Sleep Mode

No more waking up too hot or too cold. Choose your ideal sleep temperature and Sleep Mode will automatically adjust your fan’s speed to keep you feeling comfortable throughout the night.

Whoosh Mode

Whoosh Mode mimics cooling natural breezes by varying fan speed. That afternoon on the couch feels a lot more like a day at the beach now, doesn’t it?

Year-Round Savings

Haiku fans’ exceptional efficiency and responsive technology can save you hundreds of dollars per year on heating and cooling costs.

Schedule Your Fan

Program your fans to suit your schedule using the Haiku Home app.

Smarter Heating

Smarter Heating saves you energy during colder months by gently pushing the warm air collecting near the ceiling down to your level, reducing the burden on your heater.

Smarter Cooling

Smarter Cooling allows you to save energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees higher than normal while keeping you comfortable, even when temperatures soar.

Haiku Home App Walkthrough

The Haiku Home app is there if you need it, but we’re confident that once you’ve set your preferences, our fans and lights will take it from there. If you need a quick reminder of how our app works, check out this video:

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