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Once visitors step inside, the comfort is immediately detectable. People are fascinated by the green technology, and we hope to continue inspiring students, visitors and anyone who wants to save energy. Gabriel Wong, Vice Principal, Bukit View Secondary School

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At its JOULES Smart Centre, Bukit View Secondary School prepares students to be advocates for sustainable technology both in Singapore and around the world. Not surprisingly, school officials wanted it to exemplify green-building practices, and decided to redesign one of its design studios into a green learning centre. However, the fans in the space were noisy and wobbled, making everyone uncomfortable. Wanting to create a more inviting environment, the school turned to the Singapore Green Building Council. Through this collaboration, officials got to know companies whose products are certified by the council, including Big Ass Fans’ Haiku ceiling fans.


The school chose 10 Haiku fans for its new learning centre. Vice Principal Gabriel Wong noticed that although the Haiku fans are almost a third smaller in diameter than the previous fans, they are much more powerful. “We were impressed to learn that the fan motors are energy-efficient, and the airfoils are designed to be aerodynamic,” he said. “You know a product is well thought out when every single feature plays a part, be it the design or the technology.” Wong appreciates their silence, but the true star is the SenseME and its occupancy sensor. “At the centre, we emphasise the integration of smart technology to improve our lives, and the SenseME function exemplifies exactly that: comfort on demand,” Wong said. Now the workshop area is an inspiring classroom for the school and the neighborhood.

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