My remote is not controlling my fan.

Since our IR remotes are universally programmed, no “pairing” is required. However, if you’re having trouble getting your remote to work, try the following:

  • Make sure a working battery is installed, you are within range, and you have direct line of sight to the fan/light you’re attempting to control.
  • If the remote still does not work after satisfying the above requirements, there may be a another issue (see instructions below).

For Haiku Fans and I Series Fans, try the following:

  1. Verify that the fan is receiving power by power cycling the fan. To do this:
    1. Cut power to the fan via standard on/off wall switch, or the breaker if standard wall switch is not applicable.
    2. Wait at least 5 minutes, and then restore power.
  2. The fan will beep once as it powers on (unless you have disabled beeps in the app) and blue LEDs on the bottom of the motor may light up.
    1. If you do not hear a beep, verify that the fan is wired correctly, as shown in the installation guide.
    2. If you do hear the fan beep during a power cycle, stand directly beneath the fan and attempt to use the IR remote. Depending on fan height and installation location, IR range can vary.
  3. If you’ve followed these steps and are still unable to use your IR remote, please give us a call.

For L Series Fans, try the following:

Verify all ground wiring and motor harness connections are secure.

  • Make sure that the yellow clip is connected to the fan motor.
  • Motor post ground screw should be connected at the extension tube base.
  • Make sure the green identification sticker has been removed.
  • Make sure that upper extension tube ground wire is secured to outside of mounting bracket hex screw.
  • Make sure that the control box wiring harness ground, upper mounting bracket ground, and supply ground are connected.
  • Unplug and reseat 5-pin connector and 3-pin connector at the control box.
  • Unplug and reseat 3-pin connector and 2-pin connector at motor housing cover.
  • Check IR filter connection at motor. This harness can sometimes be installed backward.
  • Verify the coloured wires are lined up properly.
  • The clip on the extension tube harness should seat against the notch in the motor’s IR filter connector.
This applies to these products: Haiku Fans Haiku I Series Haiku L Series

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