Bucher Emhart Glass – Customer Testimonial

We were able to reduce from 98 regular fans to 20 Big Ass fans, which saves money and helps employees feel very pleased with the working environment today. Bryant Wong, Site Manager


In the hot, humid climate of Malaysia, managers at Emhart Glass struggled to keep their space comfortable for workers and visitors. Their array of 98 traditional commercial fans was no match for the heat in the large facility, failing to keep workers in the production area cool and consuming a huge amount of electricity with little benefit. Worse still, workers faced daily problems with corrosion of parts and equipment on the humid factory floor. The oppressive conditions and high energy and maintenance costs demanded a proven solution.


Emhart Glass got serious about improving their work environment and installed 20 Powerfoil X3.0 fans to replace their smaller fans. The Big Ass fans made an immediate impact on worker and visitor comfort in the facility’s production and warehouse areas. The powerful airflow and wide coverage area creates a refreshing breeze that keeps people safe and cool and helps eliminate pockets of stagnant, humid air that cause equipment to rust. The cutback of fans in the space also helps lower energy costs and reduce trip hazards posed by the old fans’ tangle of power cords.


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