How do I replace my cooler's pump? | Big Ass Fans
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How do I replace my cooler’s pump?

WARNING: ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD. Disconnect the power supply before performing service or maintenance. Failure to do so may result in serious injury or death.

  1. Unscrew fitting from pump.
  2. Unplug cord from top of pump by removing the two (2) screws.
  3. Remove pump from water sump and install new pump.
  4. Perform the steps above in reverse to reconnect the wiring, lift the pump bracket, and reconnect the hose.
  5. Secure wires to fan frame with wire ties so that wires are clear of fan blades. Ensure plug is positioned correctly.
  6. Reinstall cooling pads and guards.
  7. Reconnect power and test pump.

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