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Custom Comfort

Two heater types to meet your facility’s unique needs.


Pairs perfectly with HVLS fans to prevent heat loss.


High-quality construction for longevity and limited maintenance.


Year-round comfort increases worker safety, productivity, and retention.

Infrared Heaters

Big Ass Fans Infrared Heater

Featuring the most energy-efficient type of spot heating technology, Big Ass Fans Infrared Heaters warm occupants and objects directly.

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Unit Heaters

Big Ass Fans Unit Heater

Energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing, Big Ass Fans Unit Heaters blow warm air throughout your facility, creating a natural synergy with HVLS fans.

Achieving maximum efficiency

Infrared heaters are the most effective way to warm concentrated areas where workers operate, such as a loading dock or work station. Unit heaters are best for warming large volumes of open air and heating around line-of-sight obstructions like racking. Many facilities benefit from a custom combination of these two types of heaters to deliver the comfort their workers need.

Why Pair Fans And Heaters?

The most energy- and cost-efficient solution to keeping people comfortable year round is combining Big Ass heaters and HVLS fans. By destratifying any heat that rises up from our infrared or unit heaters back to the ground level, you’re maximizing energy savings while keeping employees productive, safe, and comfortable.


SpecLab® Custom Airflow Analysis

Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, giving you an accurate look at our fans’ performance before you buy.

Don’t Let Cold Weather Slow You Down

Stop discomfort and productivity loss with a heating system from Big Ass Fans. Call 877-244-3267 today to get started on your year-round comfort solution with a free, custom quote from our experts.

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