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Meet Our Industry-Leading SpecLab Software.

At Big Ass Fans, we want to ensure that the job is always done right the first time. That’s why we’ve developed our industry-leading SpecLab software that shows exactly how our fans can transform your space. With SpecLab, we can completely digitally create any building’s space, taking into account the offices, the people, the vehicles and more. SpecLab is the future of airflow solution software, and you can take full advantage of it for free.


"Once The Big Ass Fans were installed, our guys increased production from 10 units to 16 units per week, a 60 percent increase. It's unbelievable.

Heat is no joke in West Texas. Workers at Samuel Jackson, Inc. an equipment manufacturing facility in Lubbock, struggled with hot, stagnant air in their large warehouses and assembly building. The conditions didn't just make employees uncomfortable - it hurt productivity as well. Samuel Jackson installed three Powerfoil Series fans in its facilities. The fans immediately improved employee comfort and had a noticeable effect on productivity, increasing the assembly rate by 60 percent per week. As one worker said when a fan had to be turned off for a few minutes, "Big Ass Fans are not optional."

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