Haiku with SenseME Named Environmental Leader Product of the Year | Big Ass Fans
Lexington, KY - April 1, 2015

Haiku with SenseME Named Environmental Leader Product of the Year

Logo-EnvironmentalLeader-ProductOfTheYearHaiku® with SenseME™ has been named Product of the Year by Environmental Leader, a daily trade publication covering energy, environmental and sustainability news.

The award recognizes original and successful products that contribute to environmental efforts and advance the bottom line.

Haiku’s SenseME technology enhances this elegant fan by monitoring room conditions, including occupancy and temperature, and adjusting Haiku’s speed to automatically maintain an ideal comfort level as the environment changes.

About Big Ass Fans:

Starting in 1999, Big Ass Fans pioneered the high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan industry by introducing large industrial fans to agricultural spaces. Recognizing the fans’ versatility, our customers began to install them in warehouses, factories, commercial spaces, and homes. With each new application, our engineers set out to design the perfect solution to meet our customers’ needs. Our dedication to innovation has led us to develop the industry’s first silent motor technology, smart fan controls and automation, and the world’s brightest and most efficient LED products. For more information about Big Ass Fans, visit bigassfans.com or call 877-244-3267.